New Wrestling academy at Atermon Sports Club

New Wrestling academy at Atermon Sports Club

Preparation Camp at Atermon - Sports Club, will be held (15/07) and for 10 calendar days by the Greek National Wrestling Team, in view of their participation in the European Championship that will take place in Rome, Italy 30/07 - 05/08/2018.

On Thursday 19/07/2018, in the context of the sports preparation of the National Wrestling Team, the federal coaches, Mr. Panagalidis, Mr. Katsaros and Mr. Apostolos they talk about History of Wrestling from Ancient Times in Greece. Childrens had the opportunity to watch the presentation and learn about the sport. Then followed the first acquaintance with the sport under the supervision of federal coaches.

In September, we will create a new wrestling academy. Very soon we will be announcing further on the launch of the new academy.

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