Preparation of the Greek National Volleyball team | March 2017

Preparation of the Greek National Volleyball team

On 17/3/17, the Volleyball National Team kicked off our athletic preparation at our facilities. The National Team has been in athletic preperation and hard training since yesterday, to represent our country at the European Championship that is being held this year in the Netherlands,

The coaches, Mr Floros and Mr. Gountas, train, advise and guide the girls of the National Greek Volleyball Team, so that they are in the best match condition with the help of Mr. Talabiris physiotherapist. Mr. Talabiris is responsible for the physical condition of the athletes and promises us that the team will be ready to compete in the European Championship of the Netherlands.

All of this, of course, is organized by the team manager of the National Volleyball Team, Mr. Koopoulos, who has the general command and coordination of the whole preparation.

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