Atermon Services Social Cooperative Society

The Atermon Services Social Cooperative Society is a Tourism-Cultural cooperative company, established in 2015 and operating at Agios Panteleimon in Kilkis. It is the largest Sports Tourism complex in Greece, with 6 cooperating partners. The cooperatives are made up of 6 people and the company's staff consist of 8 people in the winter and 20 people in the spring season. The company has operating licenses for 3-Star Hotel, with 24 rooms 2-3-4 beds, a total of 69 beds from the approval of the Greek Tourist Organization. Hostel of the 500-bed camp type, approved by the Welfare Department of Kilkis. It operates in 32 multipurpose rooms 4-5-6-8 beds, 319 beds in order to provide high quality services, 2 restaurants of 100 and 350 persons licensed by GNTO Makedonia, 1 Refreshment 60 persons with permission from GNTO Makedonia, 1 Swimming pool for recreational, purposes and large Swimming pool for training, 2 courses for the performance of competitions licensed by the Kilkis Antiquities Region, 1 indoor sports hall for competitions licensed by the Kilkis Antiquities Region.

Scope of the Company

Atermon Services aims to fight unemployment, as it is based in an area with high unemployment rates. In addition, it attaches particular importance to the development of Sports Tourism. Atermon Services invests in depth, collaborating with customers mainly from Cyprus and from northern countries such as Sweden, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

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