As part of the organization of GBA Basketball Camps during the summer, the GBA presents for 2015 a new Camps section that will be held for the first time at the Atermon Sports Club in Kilkis.

What is GBA Camps?

The GBA Camps is the GBA proposal for summer training sessions. It allows men players and women players from each team to continue their training, to improve their technique, to create new friendships and have fun playing basketball.


Basketball camp concerns men athletes and women athletes born in 2003 or older. It includes 2 basic sections, the Player Development Camp and the GBA Shooting and Footwork Camp. The camp is addressed to all athletes who want to improve their ability and play. Smaller men players / women players may be admitted after consultation with the Camp staff. Both coaching and competition will be at a high level as expected. The training program will be very demanding, will vary daily and will be a real test where each men player / women player will evaluate his / her ability.


What the program includes

  • Training in stations, with great emphasis on basics of basketball
  • Individual and team competitions
  • Matches where players and players will have to do what they are taught in practice
  • Speeches by players and coaches

The coaches

The coach of the Camps is the head coach of the GBA, Dimitris Nikolaidis. Lead coaches: Joseph Nicolaidis, Yiannis Politis, Yannis Gakis. The coaching team is complemented by GBA's fixed collaborators. Trainers from other cities or countries may also be added to coaches' staff if men players / women players outside of Thessaloniki or Greece are also included in the Camp.

Special discounts and offers

A discount of 10% in the case of two or more siblings is provided for above. A special price is also provided for participation in both periods.

Choose a stay

There is a choice of accommodation and catering for men athletes and women athletes who are not permanent residents of Thessaloniki. The accommodation and catering facilities are located within the "Atermon Sports Club. The accommodation and catering service includes overnight stays in group dorms for the members of each team individually and a hotel unit within the sports center for the attendants. Also includes 3 meals per day and free access to all recreation areas of the sports center (gym, swimming pool, etc.)

The cost of participation includes all costs of participation, accommodation and meals, as well as transportation costs (if necessary) to and from Thessaloniki. Especially for group attendants, free attendance has one attendant per group.

Entry Form

Reservations are made by phone, at 2310.309939. The registration process will be online and will begin on Monday, May 11, through the GBA website.


What to do with you

By participating in the camp each athlete receives as a gift 2 T-shirts which he can use during the training sessions. Besides, the necessary training clothes and shoes, personal clothing.

Payment of a fee

For those athletes who do not use the boarding school, it is not necessary to pay an advance before the beginning of the period. On the 1st day of each season, with the presence of the athlete and guardian at the training ground, the payment is also made. Especially for athletes staying in Atermon Sports Club is required through a bank deposit of € 200.

Detailed information and subscriptions:

1 Giannousi Street, Pylea, 54250, Thessaloniki. Tel. 2310 309939, 6981047055

Source: kilkis-press & on the official site of the GBA


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