Team Preperations Basketball_ Xanthi, Apoel Cyprus and Ergonom NIS Serbia

Τhe Atermon Sports Club hosted three basketball teams in the hotel in view of the International Basketball Tournament held in region Panorama of Thessaloniki.

The teams that participated were Xathi, witch hosted from 9/9/2005 to 11/9/2005 with the manager coach Mr. Magotsios, APOEL Cyprus, who resided from 8/9/2005 to 12 / 9/2005, led by Mr. Panagiotis Zinto and Mr. Christos Pallis and ERGONOM NIS BC Of Serbia, which was hosted from 8/9/2005 to 12/9/2005 with co-chairman Mr. Predrag Jacimovic.

In addition to this month, the Panahaiki Youth Team chose to stay at the Atermon Sports Club Hotel from 24/9/2005 to 25/9/2005 with Mr. Panagiotakopoulos Grigoris responsible.

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