Easter Tournament 2014:

StarBasket organizes the second Star Basket Tournament (born 1998-1999), which will be held April 15 - 16/04 - 17/04 2014, at the Atermon Sports Club.

How to play:

All games in the event will last for 40 minutes. Each game will have referees and secretaries.

Duration of the event:

From the morning of Tuesday, April 15, until Thursday afternoon, April 17.

Overnight stays:

2 nights.

Organizational arrangements for participants in the diet:

On Tuesday 15/4 there will be lunch and dinner. On Wednesday, all meals will be served (morning, afternoon, evening). On Thursday, breakfast will be served and lunch will be given to all groups of juice sandwiches.

Total meals 7.


On the last day of the event will be held All-StarGame, which will include a tripos, free shots contest and SkillsChallenge. There will also be a surprise game between the tournament coaches and the organizers.

Participation fee:

The cost is € 90 per athlete for the whole weekend. The coach's price is 60 euros. If a parent or agent wishes to attend the event, the cost is € 60 and will have all the above nutritional benefits. There is no limit to a group of twelve. Each club can bring those athletes wishing. If a team wants to come from Monday afternoon on the premises, the cost will be raised by 15 euros per person for both athletes and other members of the mission, and they will be given regular dinner.

She will also be given training facilities (indoor gym, weights, video room, etc.).

Each team is entitled to one free participation that can be taken by either the coach or an athlete.
*** If the team needs a means (shuttle) to be transported to the facility, the cost is borne by the team rather than the organization. Organizing, of course, can help you find better value in one of our partner agencies.

Means of payment:

With the entry, each team has to pay to the bank account EUR 50 for each person participating in the tournament.

The full amount will be repaid a week before the start of the event.

Medical coverage:

Throughout the event there will be a physiotherapist in all games.

Also, Kilkis General Hospital is within 10 minutes' drive of the Atermon Sports Club.


During the tournament, prizes will be awarded to various athletes and coaches who have written history in Greek sports.

At the same time, at the conference hall there will be talks of athletes and coaches to the children.

Athletes' Awards:

Team coaches will vote for M.V.P. As well as the top 5 of the event.

The children will be awarded at the end of the tournament at a special event.

Commemorative diplomas:

Upon the end of the event, diplomas will be given to all participants.

*** For more information, please contact the technical coordinators of the event:

Yannis Giannakis (6945370371)
Dimitris Petridis (6974595559)

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