LEVEL I - JUNIOR CAMP: 12 - 18 JULY 2009

The coaching program of this period is aimed at the needs of young volleyball male and female athletes born / between 1993-1996. The training of athletes, with 5 years of training experience (middle level), focuses on all the components of the volleyball game (technical and tactical) with emphasis on the technical execution of all the moves they use in a race. High level training is provided to improve the kinetic, intellectual and cognitive skills of male and female athletes. Using new technologies in training, we try to combine the classic practice techniques with new ones to increase the performance.  Apart from stadium, athletes participate in theoretical training sessions as well as entertainment programs. Athletes after being evaluated are grouped into sets of the same level of training and age.



The main component of this intensive training program is the combination of properly applied to the tactical requirements of the game. This specific training program is ideal for experienced male and female athletes / born between 1988 and 1993. We are looking for athletes who are seriously interested in participating in high-level training systems. Positive attitude and training ethos are ingredients that should be chosen by those who choose to participate.


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