EDATERMON LTD is a private company, seated in Cyprus, which has started this year an effort to create sports installations which are equivalent to the Model ‘ATERMON’ Sports Center at Thessaloniki and it aims to have completed its project within the next 3 years.

At the moment, EDATERMON LTD caters for the Cyprus clients in collaboration with hotels or municipal and private sports installations in the country, while at Thessaloniki it utilizes mainly the installations of the Model ‘ATERMON’ Sports Center SOC.COOP.SOC.

Cyprus is an emergent sports destination with ideal climatological conditions during the winter months, it offers high levels of service with excellent living and sports infrastructures. It also provides football fields certifications.

Manager/ Representative: Metallidis Lazaros

The scope of the company

EΔATERMΩN LTD  was created to cover the need for the existence of an area capable of meeting the training needs of high-level teams, by offering an comprehensive package of services during winter months in Cyprus and Thessaloniki.

Covering airline tickets, selecting affordable yet reliable destinations, residence choices in areas of high-level amenities and the guarantee of a sports infrastructure which is adapted to the requirements of teams and athletes, are some of the offers which are a priority for the proper service towards our clients.

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