The ‘ATERMON’ Sports Club – ΑΤΕΡΜΟΝ CCAC boasts a 200-seat capacity Conference Center, with cutting-edge audiovisual teaching equipment (projector and projection screen, slides, power point and writing board). 

The Conference Center covers the needs for seminars and for sports and social-related conferences. 

Moreover, it enables the children to participate in the activities, watch games and cultural events through video.

The Conference Center premises host the following children’s educational sections:

  • Painting section
  • Crafts section
  • Music section
  • English language section
  • Reinforcement teaching for Greek section

Among events that have been held in the past are, indicatively:

  • International Coaches’ Conference organized by the Thessaloniki University Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science
  • UEFA School for the 3rd level degree issued by the HFF
  • Modern dance cultural event by the Municipality of Pylaia
  • Theatrical performance for schoolchildren by the Sophoulis theater company
  • Coaches’ seminar by the HHF (Hellenic Handball Federation)
  • Seminar by the Korfball federation.

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